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The winter season at Polo Wicklow had been bolstered by visitors from far and wide, but for the first match of the New Year it was the regular players who took precedence. First into the arena was Siobhan Herbst, Juliet Hepker and Sandra Giles, they faced Ronan Murphy, Marco Herbst and Sean Reynolds. From the first touch of the ball this was certainly not polo with a hang over, Siobhan spearheaded the first attack which ruffled the opposition, a very quickly taken hit out by Reynolds up to Murphy and then to Marco Herbst and the match was on. Drawn into the game new player Juliet Hepker held her ground, but the vultures were circling, Sean Reynolds, Marco Herbst and Ronan Murphy were a formidable team as they powered round the arena, they dug and scrapped for every chance, and by the second chukka were brimming with confidence.


Yasmin Mirahmadi changed places with Juliet and the ladies managed to claim one more goal to their tally whilst the three men played some inspirational polo. Lead by Reynolds they challenged every ball, Murphy, riding the fast and agile     La Liebre picked the ball up from the oppositions corner and threaded his way up field, angled a shot to goal followed through and scored, holding back on her young stallion, D'Artangan, Siobhan Herbst lost the ball to Marco Herbst only to watch another goal slip through the posts. A crushing score line of 8 goals to 2 to Sean Reynolds team was as unexpected as it was exciting to watch.
Next into the arena in this round robin match was the team captained by Micky Herbst, playing with Mario Giles and Joseph Richardson, to play against Siobhan Herbst's team, with Juliet Hepker back in the number one position. This match was a different story. Mounted on her favourite pony Dario, Siobhan had total freedom and was untouchable, with no one able to mark this combination and the ability to turn on a sixpence the three girls were in total control. Two goals followed from Sandra, three from Siobhan and one from Juliet with just two in reply. Into the fourth chukka and the play was more even, Yasmin Mirahmadi was back with Siobhan and Sandra as the polo was becoming faster by the minute. Mario Giles swept from nowhere and landed an angled shot from fifty metres out, Richardson popped home a goal and the ever present Micky added to the scoreline but the match belonged to the ladies. Final score 9 to 5.


The last two chukkas of the day were between the returning victorious team of Sean Reynolds and that of Micky Herbst. Long swinging shots from Mario kept the game open and fast, Sean Reynolds and Micky Herbst controlled from the back as Ronan Murphy and Mario Giles took each other on. Marco Herbst, unmarked converted a loose ball but opportunities were hard come by. Heavy challenges, accurate back passes and great team work but despite both goals being attacked constantly the defensive play from both teams kept the scoring chances down to a minimum. Three goals for Sean Reynolds's team and four for Micky Herbst's team gave the overall win on goal average to Sean by 2.



29th - 30th October 2005

Halloween Cup

3 Irish teams took part in the cup against Holland last weekend. Friday's Team Captained by Siobhan Herbst and accompanied by Terri Campbell and Leighann Fischer beat Holland

Despite the atrocious weather on Saturday the players in the Halloween week end Novice Tournament at Polo Wicklow were not deterred. First two teams into the arena were Brian Moore's Avoca team of Mario Giles and Robert Patton against Ronan Murphy's Tinahely team of Major Hugh Dawnay and Marcus Davey. At the front of the line up Brian had the first contact, a quick flick to clear the line and the match was on, playing against the wind the shot from Giles swung wide of the goal to be pounced on by a well positioned Davey to return the play to the opposite end. For the first chukka the two new captains were testing their abilities as the game quickened around them, but by the second chukka they were indistinguishable from the veterans, flying up the boards Ronan scooped a pass and cannoned it into the goal, not to out done the finishing move from a scramble near the goal resulted in a clean shot from Moore. Dealing with the elements made accurate passing difficult, however each team had managed to clock up four goals apiece until the final seconds of the second chukka and a superb goal from Davey sealed the fate of the Tinahely team.

Into the arena for the next chukkas in this round robin came the more experienced Wicklow team captained by Sandra Giles against the losing Avoca team. With no handicap advantage the Wicklow players started at a gallop, not exactly 'trick or treat' but a full understanding of the new rules allowed Siobhan to pick up three simple goals from some very close defending after the hit in. Demoralized but still fighting hard Mario Giles and Robert Patton chased every ball but the Avoca team had to concede an 8 to 2 victory to Wicklow.

The last two chukkas were very fast, Ronan Murphy's team back in the arena but needing to accumulate a big score against the Wicklow team. Three infringements given away by the less experienced side bolstered the Wicklow score line and the final result of 6 to 4 was a credit to the team play and tenacity of the underdogs.

Sunday dawned clear and bright so overhead conditions were more pleasant for the final three matches of the Novice encounter. Carrying on the score from the previous day the Avoca team once more faced the team from Tinahely, with only one goal between them anything was possible. Giles opened up the arena with massive missiles curling up to his forward man, Murphy threaded the ball to the posts and with no break in play the action turned. In a very even confrontation the Tinahely team was able to build on their overnight score claiming a win by 11 goals to 7.

Once more Avoca faced Sandra's Wicklow team, with a deficit of six goals to overcome some help from the supernatural was required, Patton was playing superb polo but luck was not with the Avoca side, a well struck penalty taken by Murphy followed by a goal gave some hope but Wicklow were on a roll. Final score 18 to 6.

The last match was once again Wicklow against Tinahely. For the first chukka Tinahely stood still as Siobhan hammered four goals through the posts from every angle, Sandra added to the score and Micky Herbst picked up every stray ball and not a single opportunity was lost. This was an annihilation, after the tightest of contests the previous day eleven goals were conceded during the two chukkas, leaving the final score line 17 to 6 making Sandra Giles and her team the recipient of the precious Carrols Novice Cup which had been presented to Polo Wicklow by the Earl of Meath and dating back to 1937.


Sebastian Dawnay visit 1 st May 2005

Saturday's main match was between Joe O'Connell, Siobhan Herbst and Marco Herbst who were up against Micky Herbst, Robert Patton and Carlos Caminito. Played out in perfect conditions this was a good humoured work out with an unexpected result in favour of the team with the brother and sister combination winning by 11 goals to 6 over their father and the professional!

The match on Sunday was always going to be an exciting one. Sebastian Dawnay just back from playing on the winning team of the Arena Gold Cup at the Royal Berkshire Polo Club in England , teamed up with his father, Major Hugh Dawnay and Siobhan Herbst to take on Joe O'Connell, Micky Herbst and Carlos Caminito. The Wicklow team began with two goals on handicap and the umpire for the match was Sandra Giles. What unravelled was a display of exceptionally fast and clever polo. In the first chukka Caminito raised his game to surpass Dawnay junior, in an astonishing seven minutes he hammered home five goals sweeping every corner of the arena and instinctively being in the right place at the right time. Chukka two saw a change in fortunes, Sebastian now completely at home in the arena upped the pace and the two professional players were in their element, side by side the players and the teams were inseparable, the ball swung from end to end, the goals popped in and the predominately Waterford team began to catch up. By the fourth chukka the scores were even, in this very high scoring match there was nothing

between the teams, ceaseless superb team polo from both sides so the final decision was likely to rest on the ponies. Still even at seventeen goals apiece Waterford made a final surge, chased by the Wicklow team they just had the edge in speed and in the final seconds ripped in three goals to leave the score at 20 the Visitors and 17 to Wicklow.

The second match was Robert Patton, Mario Giles and Marcus Davey against Sandra Giles, Sean Reynolds and Mehran Mirahmadi. No doubt inspired by the previous match this also proved to be a high scoring game played out at good speed. Little intervention was required from umpire Joe O'Connell and after four chukkas the 11 all score line was an apt result.

REPORT ON THE AIPC and Polo Wicklow
by  Lesley-Ann Masterton
International Ladies Tournament August 2004

The International Ladies Polo Tournament and Lunch in aid of the Bubble Gum Club, now in its fifth year, featured 5 teams with players from all over the globe. The Bubble Gum Club was set up in 1994 to look after children with life threatening illnesses and children in crisis.

This year the Tournament was divided into two leagues in order to try and match their handicaps. The first league featured two teams playing for the All Ireland Polo Club MacKay Ladies Trophy with the so far undefeated Lamorlaye team made up of Polo Wicklow's Siobhan Herbst, Magdalena Escrina (Argentina), Emma Grone (England) and Sandra Giles (Ireland) and the USA team from Yale led by Eileen Flint, Director of Polo at Yale University, with Liz Brayboy, Julie Deangelis, Whitney Vogt and Lesley-Ann Masterton (Jamaica). The second league featured three teams playing for the Volkswagen Perpetual Ladies Cup with the Ann Smurfitt Bloodstock team of Buddy Brindley, Diedre Cash, Denise Power and Lisa Mulhaul, the Gardeur team of Elaine Monahan, Derville Hoey, Louisa Clody (England) and Julie Kavanagh, and the Fetzers team of Rebecca Moy, Mary Leonard, Miraid Corcoran and Heather Day.

The Herbst family hosted the USA team at their Wicklow Polo Club and drowned them (literally) with their famous Irish hospitality.  The team arrived on Thursday, August 19th and played a warm up game on Friday in the fabulous Wicklow arena on their lovely ponies along with those ladies that had come from far and wide for the tournament.  This was followed by a lovely dinner in the sumptuous Club House that overlooks the arena where everyone could relax after polo and get to know each other.  They Herbsts not only mounted their Lamorlaye team for the tournament but also mounted several members of the USA team in fine style.  David Stone, Major Hugh Dawney and Joe O'Connell also lent some first class ponies ensuring that they could all play to the best of their ability.

The Tournament then started on Saturday, August 21st at Joe O'Connell's Ballyhenry Polo Club nearby.  It was decided that the scores for the two days of play would be combined for the final total.  The teams playing for the Volkswagen Cup played a round robin first, with the Ann Smurfitt Bloodstock team meeting the Gardeur team first.  Lisa Mulhaul scored twice and Denise Power once in the first chukka for the Ann Smurfitt Bloodstock team, while the Gardeur team counted with two goals from Louisa Clothier and one from Julie Kavanah to keep the score tied.  However, the Ann Smurfitt Bloodstock team held the Gardeur team scoreless in the second chukka and Dierdre Cash scored to put them in the lead.  The Gardeur team then found its form and walloped the Fetzers Wine team by 5 goals to 0 in the next two chukkas with four goals from Julie Kavanah and one from Louisa Clothier.  The Ann Smurfitt Bloodstock team then also walloped the Fetzers Wine team by 7 goals to 1 with three goals from Lisa Mulhaul, three goals from Denise Power and on from Buddy Brindley with the lone goal for Fetzers Wine coming from Heather Day.  As a result the Ann Smurfitt Bloodstock team held the lead going into the final the next day.

The teams playing for the MacKay trophy then played a four chukka match, and the Lamorlaye team started with a 3½ goal handicap.  Play was fairly even in the first chukka with a goal scored by Lesley-Ann Masterton for the USA quickly countered with a goal scored by Magdalena Eskrina for Lamorlaye.  Julie Deangelis came out on fire in the second chukka scoring twice for USA, but Magdalena scored again for Lamorlaye keeping them well on top.  However, the Lamorlaye team were held scoreless in the last two chukkas while Lesley scored twice for the USA in the third chukka to bring them within ½ a goal of the Lamorlaye team, and again in the fourth chukka to give the USA a ½ goal lead going into the final the next day.

The games were followed by a lovely dinner for the players and some of their local friends hosted by the O'Connell's in their Club House..

Despite the arrival of the remnants of hurricane Charley the Final was held on Sunday, August 22nd at the All Ireland Polo Club in Phoenix Park, Dublin.  The Moet & Chandon Champagne Reception held to the sounds of the Dublin Hot Club Jazz Band, followed by a magnificent Mediterranean buffet lunch prepared by Cooke's Café, followed by a Fashion Show by Serena Boutique went ahead with a jovial atmosphere in the packed Club House despite the rain.

The match between Lamorlaye and USA was played despite the wind and rain.  Although the field was wet and heavy it was surprisingly (for the foreigners anyway) not slippery at all and held up very well.  Once again the Lamorlaye team started with a 3½ goal handicap, reduced to a 3 goal start due to the ½ goal lead the USA carried forward from the day before.  Once again the game started out very evenly with Lesley and Siobhan trading goals and Lamorlaye firmly retaining their lead.  Lesley then scored in the second chukka to reduce the lead but both teams were held scoreless in the third and the USA went into the last chukka two goals down.  Lesley then managed to score twice to tie the game up in the dying moments of the chukka to send the game into overtime.  She converted a penalty 2 from the spot to take the AIPC Alex MacKay Ladies Trophy away from the Lamorlaye team for the first time.  The Round Robin however, had to be cancelled so the Ann Smurfitt Bloodstock team took home the Volkswagen Perpetual Ladies Cup.  Julie Deangelis was awarded the beautiful Best Player trophy and the Best Playing Pony was Dario from Polo Wicklow played by Siobhan Herbst.

In true Irish style everyone celebrated fully, aided and abetted by the delighted Moet & Chandon sponsors until late into the evening despite the distances many had to go to get home.

Yale Polo Club USA - Polo Wicklow Ireland

The most welcome contingent of four players from the Yale University Polo Team arrived at Polo Wicklow on Friday to bid for the America v Ireland Cup, being sponsored this year by Snap Printing. The very tall silver cup was originally presented to Polo Wicklow by the Yale University team seven years ago and has been competed for annually ever since. Captaining the visitors for the seventh time was Mrs. Eileen Flint 2, the Director of Polo at Yale and her supporting cast of Jerry Kagan 1, Liz Brayboy 1 and Jim DeAngelis 5 presenting such a formidable line up that Polo Wicklow required their resident professionals to even up the handicaps.

Friday evenings match lined up Eileen Flint, Jim DeAngelis and Jerry Kagan against Siobhan Herbst 1, Mariano Flores 6, and with Liz Brayboy 1 who joined the Irish team for the first of the five matches to be played over the three days. Under particular pressure was Siobhan Herbst who needed to impress the Yale Director in order to confirm her polo scholarship place at Yale University for next year. Caroline Stern umpired and the game began at a ferocious pace, three minutes into the first chukka DeAngelis reached for an impossible ball on the turn and took a heavy tumble, not allowed to continue his place was taken by Jeronimo Jachan 3. Four goals to Ireland and one to the U.S.A. at the end of the first chukka and a pattern was being established in the arena, excellent team play from the Irish side was being countered by individual play from the Americans and the Irish were winning the contest easily.

Allowing for handicap adjustments, the Irish ran out winners 18 to 3.

Rain during the night created perfect conditions in the arena for Saturdays matches. Flint, a fully recovered DeAngelis and Kagan wore the whiteYale shirts against Joe O,Connor 4,Marcello Aguirre 3 and James Sheeran 1 sporting the green of Ireland. A quiet start belied what was to come, the throw in from umpire Mariano Flores began the contest and the ball was moved from end to end without a score, frustration crept in as certain shots for goal drifted wide, hard riding off and fast runs raised the temperature as even team mates began to disagree. The main protagonists were warned and the game moved on to an exhibition of skill and horsemanship providing spectators with a nail biting second half. The final score of 14 to Ireland and 7 to the U.S.A. was a much closer contest than the score suggests.

The two American ladies, Eileen Flint and Liz Brayboy joined DeAngelis for Saturday's second match, against Siobhan Herbst, Mariano Flores and team Captain Tony Rhatigan. Umpire Joe O,Connel threw in the ball which was flicked out of the line up by Herbst who followed it up to circle round the pack and with a half shot from the boards at the 25 yard line claimed the first goal before 10 seconds had registered on the clock. A second identical goal followed which served to galvanise the opposition into action, Flint lead the charge by passing a perfect ball to DeAngelus who scored with a stunning under the tail shot. Liz Brayboy produced an individual goal from a rare mistake by Flores in front of his own goal taking the ball the length of the arena and keeping a cool head slotted it home. Long hits opened the game up and some instinctive interaction between Flores and Herbst with Rhatigan always positioned well to support from the back made the game flow smoothly. Goal after goal from the Irish team put paid to American hopes of victory as the Irish team finished with an emphatic 18 goal to 5 win.

Brilliant sunshine greeted the visitors and spectators on Sunday, the same team line ups as Saturday gave the Americans the maximum possible polo over the week end with a total of five matches for them to contest. The day's first match proved to be a very hard fought contest with both teams scoring goal for goal. Going into the last chukka with Ireland holding only a one goal lead, America scented a possible first victory. Hard play getting very rough at times left spectators in no doubt that this was seriously on the cards. Two slip shod penalties however gave Ireland a cushion of three goals which were reduced to two as the final hooter went. Scoreline showed an Irish win 10 to 8.

Sundays second match was another incident full contest. 5 handicap player De Angelous used all his skills to outwit Flores but to no avail, the speed and agility of man and horse was breathtaking, Herbst, Rhatigan and Flores had developed good team understanding which slowly undermined the Americans.

A substitution in the last chukka of Eileen Flint brought Jeronimo Jachan back into the arena but even this did not change the inevitable. Final score 15 to 5 for Ireland.

The Snap sponsored American Tournament produced some spectacular polo over the three days, and very strict umpiring had been a requisite feature of all of the matches. The Cup was presented to Tony Rhatigan as his team had produced the highest goal difference in their winning match. The Player of the tournament was Mariano Flores, and best playing pony went yet again to Paloma, a 7 year old dark bay mare, ridden by Siobhan on Saturday and Jim DeAngelous on Sunday.

17-Mar-2000 Germany - Ireland 17th March 2000

The first day of the Polo Wicklow Ireland v Germany international series ended with defeat for the Irish team on St Patrick's Day. Having only flown in two hours prior to playing, the German squad swiftly overcame their lack of arena polo experience, despite a shaky start.

The Irish team were supported by over 100 spectators, who had also turned out to benefit Dublin children's charity the Bubblegum Club. They were rewarded by a display of speedy and exciting polo, and a day of entertainment was laid on by charity organiser Jackie Rafter and by Polo Wicklow, including a children's magician and a post-match Argentine barbecue and jazz band.

Three of Irish polo's most senior and experienced players represented their country in the first match of the day, making up a team sponsored by Dublin restaurant Il Posto.

The side comprised Waterford players James Kennedy, rated at a two-goal handicap, and Hugh Dawnay, rated 3, in the number one and number two positions respectively. Wicklow's Joe O' Connell played at back, off a 4-goal handicap.

Their opponents were captained by 3-goaler Wolfgang Keiling, who, in his own words, had brought "two of the best young players in Germany" to support him.

They were Joerg Becker, playing off two goals, and Daniel Hauss, rated at 3 goals, who played at one and three with Wolfgang in the middle. All the German players are based at Hanover Polo Club, and this was Daniel and Joerg's first visit to Polo Wicklow, although Wolfgang had played at the club several times in recent years. The German team was sponsored by Memorex Telex.

Ireland made a forceful start to the match, and their opponents seemed surprised by the speed of their attack and of the play in general. Hugh Dawnay and Joe O'Connell won the first two throw-ins and whipped the ball straight away to score. Following this, the Irish team powered on to make it 7 goals to nil in the first three minutes of chukka one, in what turned out to be their strongest chukka. Hugh Dawnay demonstrated supremely accurate passing born out of 40 years' worth of tournament polo, and all three Irish players read the game impressively.

Germany pulled two back towards the end of the chukka, and went on to settle into a more effective defence in the second. Whilst not increasing their own scoring rate dramatically, they at least managed to curb the Irish attack to a greater extent.

Unfortunately for Ireland, the well-mounted German team got into their stride in the third, producing fast and accurate hitting, which frequently found the goalposts. Ireland continued to attack, and maintained their lead, until the fourth. Several stylish goals helped them in this regard, including long and powerful angled shots from both Joe O'Connell and James Kennedy.

The Irish team's arena experience was telling during this period, when all three players deployed deflection shots to some effect.

Despite Kennedy's unflagging energy in the fourth, and O'Connell's punishing ride-offs, the German team pulled level in the closing minutes. To the disbelief of the crowd they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat and inched in front by one goal, where they hung on to win by 17-16 on the bell.

Two of the German team also took part in Friday's second game, completing an exhausting eight chukkas in one afternoon. Joerg Becker and Daniel Hauss were joined by 4-goaler Marcelo Aguirre, in a team sponsored by interior design firm Furnish.

Young Irish players Siobhan Herbst and George Kennedy were more successful in upholding their country's honour on St Patrick's day, achieving a 10-8 victory in this match. They were joined by 6-goaler Mariano Flores at back, and demonstrated some effective teamwork. This team was sponsored by Dublin-based builders Cornelstone.

The German team went on to participate in American tournaments on both the succeeding Saturday and Sunday, but were unable to replicate their St Patrick's Day success.

Saturday saw further victories for Siobhan Herbst and Mariano Flores, who were further strengthened by the addition of 2-goaler Roberto Rodrigues. Showing no sign of post St Patrick's Day weariness, the speed and accuracy of this team in attack saw them overcome Wolfgang's team by 8-2.

They subsequently beat an altered line-up of James Kennedy, Joe O'Connell and Marcelo Aguirre, but had their work cut out to do so, finally inching ahead by 8-7.

In the concluding two chukkas, Wolfgang's and Joe's teams tied at 4-all.

Germany recovered some of their Friday form by Sunday, when two new irish players joined the teams taking them on. They were 1-goaler Brian Lynam from Dublin and 2-goaler James Sheeran from Kildare, who combined with Marcelo Aguirre to form a 7-goal team.

Sunday's matches were attended by around 50 spectators, who had come to see the conclusion of the international matches.

The first chukkas saw comparatively few goals, but included an elegant angled backhand from Siobhan Herbst, whose team drew four all with Germany at the end of the second.

Together with James Kennedy and Mariano Flores, she stayed on to play the third and fourth, where the team's scoring rate increased to achieve a dramatic 12-7 victory over Marcelo, James and Brian.

This team were unlucky to lose to Germany 5-0 in the last chukkas, although the score failed to mirror the quality of play.

The afternoon ended with the judging of the Best Playing Pony, which award was given to Alexis, a 6-year-old Irish Throroughbred mare owned by Micky Herbst and played by Brian Lynam.

Another polo international is planned at Polo Wicklow in just two weeks time, when a second American team will visit the club. A ten-goal team representing Yale Polo Club in Conneticut arrives to compete on Friday 31 March.

15-Jan-2000 USA - Ireland January 2000

Report from Caroline Stern

Three days' exciting arena polo concluded at Polo Wicklow this Sunday, as an Irish team fought off their American challengers for the Bank of Ireland Cup.

Polo Wicklow issues a monthly challenge to polo players world-wide to come to Ireland and compete against club members and professionals.

January 2000's event saw American players Jim Zynsky, Dave Bullis and team captain Dan Keating representing Newport Polo Club, Rhode Island. Jim and Dave were visiting Polo Wicklow for the first time, but 3-goaler Dan has made the transatlantic trip to play in Ireland's only full-sized polo arena several times in the last eight years.

The Newport teams' first opponents met them under the floodlights on Friday evening, and the Irish team comprised club president Micky Herbst, Odilla Gilson and Irish Schools Polo cap George Kennedy.

Both teams were notably well-mounted, and the USA team enjoyed the pick of the extensive and well-schooled Polo Wicklow string of playing ponies.

This was the first of several even games, but impressive play from George helped overcome an American lead and achieve a tie at 7 all.

The visitors faced a similarly energetic and aggressive Irish line-up on Saturday afternoon. The cause of Irish women's polo was further advanced by Siobhan Herbst, who fought hard in the number one position. She was backed up by Craig McKinney, who brought his extensive experience of top-level polo to bear, and by Saturday's captain, Bryan Lynam. Fellow members were impressed by Bryan's effective and tactical approach to the arena game, since this is only his second season since learning to play at Polo Wicklow.

Saturday's entertainment began with the inaugural season's meeting for the Bray Hunt, with about 120 members and their guests converging on the clubhouse at 1.30pm. Following their stirrup cup, they set out at around 2.30, and stayed out for a marathon four hours. The majority of hunt members returned just in time to catch the sixth and final chukka, and put their voices behind the Irish effort.

Despite this, Dan Keating's arena expertise and sharp shooting put the Newport team in front, where they clung on to win a high-scoring match by 17-16.

Sunday's game was therefore critical, and only Polo Wicklow's third team stood between the visitors and the Bank of Ireland Cup.

Craig McKinney stayed on in the number two position, and assumed the captaincy for the deciding match. Senior Irish players James Sheeran and Tony Rhattigan worked hard at 1 and 3 respectively. Around sixty supporters packed the clubhouse balcony overlooking the arena, having whet their appetites watching a fast exhibition match between Polo Wicklow's senior Argentine professionals before the main event.

By the fifth chukka, things seemed to be going dangerously well for the Newport squad, as Dan's accuracy at goal gave them a five-goal lead. However, with the cheering from the crowd as encouragement, the home side made a great final effort, fighting back from apparent defeat at 6-11. They notched up an astonishing six goals in as many minutes, in the space of the final chukka. Seemingly tireless, the late onslaught from the Irish team heard the final hooter sound on a score of Ireland 12, USA 11.

The Bank of Ireland Cup was presented by a representative of the sponsors, all of whom stayed on with club members and guests to enjoy an Argentine barbecue, or asado, followed by a late-night party.

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