Some of the Players


Siobhan Herbst (0), (EIRE) Ireland's highest handicap lady player and captain of the winning team 9 times. Siobhan runs Polo Wicklow while doing a degree in Agriculture at Kildalton College. This year she will be joined again by Claire Brougham for the 3rd successive year.


Liz Brayboy (0), (USA) learned to play polo as a student at Yale and went on to coach at a girls' high school near Baltimore, Maryland. She has played on and off for 25 years and is currently playing with a club in Connecticut. She has played in the Ladies Tournament for 8 years and is looking forward to a return in 2011.


Caroline Keeling (-2), (EIRE) only took up polo in 2008 and has already captained last years winning team and semi-finalist team in 2009. Caroline runs the family fruit company, Keelings, and is also a champion kick-boxer - so don't get in her way!!


Claire Donnelly (1), (UK) has played the last 2 years with Siobhan Herbst winning in 2009 and was a finalist in 2010, she was raised to 1 goal handicap at the end of last year making her one of the highest rated players in the tournament and has just married, this April, her long term boyfriend and fellow polo player Niall Donnelly.


Róisín O'Brien (-2), (EIRE) began playing at the end of 2010 and will be making her debut to the Ladies Tournament. Teamed up with Siobhan Herbst and Claire Brougham she will be one to look out for. Róisín combines here passion for polo with a successful international buying career.

eileen- flint

Eileen Flint (0), (USA), started playing polo at Yale University and subsequently managed the Yale Polo and Equestrian Center for 20 years. Eileen entered the first USA Ladies team in 2002 and led her team to a win with Leslie Anne Masterton in 2004.


Nicola Foley (0), (EIRE) began playing polo 2006 when she decided to make the move from Polocrosse. As a polocrosse player Nicola represented the country on many occasions and was the highest rated lady player in Ireland. She took to polo like a duck to water and has been in the final of the Ladies for the past 3 years winning it with Caroline Keeling last year.


Whitney Vogt (0), (USA) began playing polo as a Captain in the US Army in 1996. Since then she has played polo across the US and in several countries including the Irish Ladies Tournament in which she has participated for the past 10 years. Whitney currently lives and plays polo in Chicago, Illinois.
naomi-shairp Naomi Shairp (-1), (EIRE) started playing 2002 when she moved to Ireland from the UK and has played in the ladies tournament since 2003. By day she is the financial controller of Castle Durrow hotel and four other associated businesses. In her own time she events and well as playing polo.


Jeanine Hugo (0), (SA), started playing in 2005, and made here debut in the Irish Ladies Tournament in 2009. When she is not here working in Ireland she is living out on her boyfriends farm in Mar del Plata, Argentina training young horses, playing practices and ladies tournaments , returning to her home of South Africa for a few months break each year.
allie-wick Allie Wick (0), (UK) started playing polo in New Zealand about 6 years ago and since then spends her time between working and teaching at the Cool Hooves Polo School at the RCBPC during the English summers and making young ponies in New Zealand during the winter. This will be Allie's 3rd year playing in the Ladies in Ireland with Naomi Shairp.


Lucy Taylor (1), (UK) is one of the highest rated players in the tournament; this will be her 3rd year playing the Irish Ladies alongside Caroline Keeling and Nicola Foley. During the year Lucy plays in Barbados, England, New Zealand and Argentina keeping her very busy while also bringing on her own young horses at home in Cheshire.
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