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Polo Wicklow brought home the beautiful Waterford Crystal Cup sponsored by Stuarts Garages last weekend. Being the first tournament of the year in the AIPC, everyone is fully fit and raring to go, making it one of the toughest cups to get your hands on. Polo Wicklow's captain Robert Patton led his troops to glory on Friday and Saturday but unfortunately was unable to make it for the final and was subbed by Nicholson Boyd. Siobhan Herbst, Carlos Caminito and Michael Connolly made up the rest of the dream team that went out to battle against Bryan Lynam's Lamorlaye (Bryan Lynam was subbed by Aidan Farrell in the final), another Polo Wicklow team. With half a goal handicap for Polo Wicklow, they had the starting advantage, but coming into the last chukka Lamorlaye popped in two easy goals making them 1 and half goal up, with only minutes to go Polo Wicklow sent home a 30yard penalty, back to the centre with only 1 minute to go and half a goal in it, everything was to play for, Caminito gave a perfect backhand landing onto the mallet of Connolly who, with his incredible black mare Flor Lis, left Lamorlaye for dust and put the ball through the posts just in time for the final buzzer and Polo Wicklow to claim victory of the Stuarts Cup for the first time ever. For more pics check out www.imagebunny.com




Polo Wicklow's Ronnie (know to some as Ronan Murphy) finally tied the knot last Friday 21st Feb, to Katherine Leonard from Cork. The ceremony was held in the breathtaking Cathedral of St.Patricks in Fermoy, Co.Cork followed by a reception in the picture perfect Sheraton in Fota Island. The Gods were on their side when the sun came out for the photos. Ronnie has taken his new wife off to Austria for a skiing honeymoon, we all wish them the best and hope to see Ronnie back in action on the polo field soon.




Brad Gace returned to Polo Wicklow after years with 3 friends to battle it out with the Irish before their big game in England the following weekend. Brad was one of the very originals of Polo Wicklow and worked here for a year back in 1994 with Don McHardy. Selby Williamson was also returning to Wicklow after an 8 year break, the last time they were here they played 2 different Irish teams over the weekend, but now they are just too good to battle against, and like the saying goes 'If you can't beat them, join them' that's exactly what we did with 2 thrilling matches over the weekend.

Mickey Herbst joined Selby Williamson and Bradley Gace on Saturday to take on Terrance Spilsbury and James Kane-Burman, who were joined by 'El Presidente' Sean Reynolds. The polo was the quickest ever witnessed in Wicklow's arena and both locals, Mickey and Sean, admitted afterwards that they were stunned by the sheer pace of the contest.

Sunday saw another such match. Only, this time, the news had spread of the high-goal polo being played and scores of spectators and polo enthusiasts from all over Ireland began arriving. This time, it was Siobhan Herbst who joined Selby and Brad, while Ireland's leading up-and-coming player, Michael Connolly, joined the Terrance and James duo. The match was neck and neck right to the death but it was the Williamson/Gace/Herbst combination which managed to snatch victory by a single score in the final chukka.

Rumour has it that there are a few police looking for 4 South Africans in Wicklow Town, but we think it may just be a coincidence they were here at the same time.



This year Polo Wicklow's annual Fancy Dress party was held at New Year as there were so many people away for Hallowe'en. Even with many people unwell with the dreaded flu the party was a great success as always, we had Mexicans, Indians, Schoolgirls, Golden Woman, Bugsy Malone, Cleopatra and to top is all off we had the whole cast of Wizard of Oz!! For those of you with rotten teeth, the Tooth Fairy was even on stand by!






The Polo Wicklow committee and Oscar decided last weekend that it was time we had a new president, after a lot of discussions we have finally come to a decision and Sean Reynolds has been appointed as our new President. Sean Reynolds has been a member of Polo Wicklow for the last 8 years and is one of the main supporters of Arena polo in Ireland making him the ideal candidate for the job. Mr Reynolds has also been a representative of the club playing in the USA last year in the annual Ireland v USA match in Newport and Yale. Congratulations Sean and Good Luck!! - I've heard Oscar isn't easy to work with but if you need help check out parrottraining.com!!!



Sean in USA soaking the sun!

Sean in action against the French.



The Bray Hunt had their second annual meet at Polo Wicklow last weekend, 68 people tacked up their horses and ran after the hounds jumping the big ditches of the Wicklow countryside. While all this was going polo continued in the arena as normal. All the hunting crowd then came into the clubhouse for the famous 'Beef Stew' made by Wendy Herbst while watching their days hunting on the full size screen in the clubhouse.





The Spanish Team arrived last weekend to take on the 3 Irish teams, winning on Friday by 5 goals against, Siobhan and Mickey Herbst and Sean Reynolds, they took on Derville Hoey, Ronan Murphy and Joe O'Connell on Saturday to loose by 3 goals. The final day was the Spanish Team, Stefan Spengler, Jorg Becke and Jan Schonlau taking on the Irish Team of Joe O'Connell, Mickey Herbst and Robert Patton, Ireland won by 5 goals. On Saturday night we had the joint birthday party of Siobhan and Mickey. Everyone had to dress in Pyjamas, there were toothbrushes and hair curlers everywhere while everybody danced the night away in their bedclothes! We also had a special friend and professional musician, Stephen Ffrench Davis, playing the Piano and a group of Latvian Dancers teaching us how to do their traditional dance.




After a frightening accident last year out hunting Kiki had extreme injuries to her back and was given the prospect of spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair. With a lot of love, support and determination she has now given us the incredible news that she's back up on a horse. Kiki came over to Ireland with a group of Dutch people, organised by Andy Burgess, to learn polo at the beginning of last year. Six months later she returned on the Dutch polo team fighting it out against the Irish. It was 2 months later that she had this awful accident. As Kiki is now well on her way back to full recovery we hope to see her back here battling it out for the cup again. Well done Kiki!!!




What a week of weddings!! None for a year then 2 in 2 weeks! After a lot of talking about it, Georgina Sherrard and Craig McKinney finally tied the knot in Gibraltar on Thursday 28th September. It was a very small, private wedding with just their daughter Katie to witness. Craig and Georgina have been great supporters of Polo Wicklow from the very beginning as well as close friends to us all. Craig's company Woodchester are sponsors of many things around the club house, such as the executive leather chairs, one of the projectors and of course the electric scoreboard outside. They now have moved from Ireland and live 6 months in Argentina and 6 months in Spain. We wish them all the best in the future as Mr and Mrs Mc Kinney.




Last weekend Polo Wicklow took part in the final tournament of the season in the All Ireland Polo Club, Phoenix Park. Siobhan, Micky and Carlos teamed up with Mario Giles to play for the most wanted Pakistan Cup, covered in Blue and Turquoise Jewels, this was the Cup that everyone aimed for. After and easy win against Oakleaf on Thursday (3½ - 14), Polo Wicklow were set to take on, one of the favourites of the tournament, Nurney captained by Bill Roe. Polo Wicklow and Nurney were very equal throughout the game, with only half a goal in it awarded to Nurney for Handicap, the crowds were kept at the edge of their seats. With only 20 seconds to go and Polo Wicklow down by half a goal, a centre hit was awarded to Polo Wicklow. With nothing to loose, Mario sent the ball up to Carlos, who placed perfectly, finished it off with the most incredible 'under-the-neck-shot' straight into goal, 7 seconds before the buzzer. In the final, Polo Wicklow faced Tyrone, captained by Eamon Laverty, one of the most successful teams of the season, with equal handicaps there was always the chance of a 5th chukka. Throughout the first 2 chukkas, Tyrone had the edge on Polo Wicklow, but in the 3rd chukka Carlos came out on his best pony, Malteser, and took the field by storm scoring 3 field goals, leaving Polo Wicklow up by 3 goals going into the final chukka. With Tyrone's professional, Jose Souto (famous for coming back from nothing in the final chukka to win) taking off at the beginning of the chukka to score 3 goals, making it 6 all, the crowds didn't know who to cheer for. Once again, Carlos was on form and with only 30 seconds on the clock, Polo Wicklow was awarded a 60yard Penalty, Carlos cantered up slowly and with a full swing sent it flying through the centre of the posts. The 2 teams lined up at the centre and Souto broke away with the ball, thankfully Carlos stopped him only to be backed up by the rest of his team, and finally the final bell went, 7 -6 to Polo Wicklow, who last won the cup in 2002.




Last weekend on the 16th September, fellow friends and Polo Wicklow Members tied the knot in St. Enedoc's Church, Cornwell. In the most beautiful setting and glorious sunshine, Nikki Gidlow became Mrs Nikki Burgess. Rumours have it that the newly wedded Burgesses are heading to Argentina for their 2 week honeymoon. All our Congratulations go out to the new couple and wish them the greatest success in the future.




This year, for the first time, all 3 days of the Inchydoney Island Ladies Tournament was held in Ballyhenry, Polo Wicklow. The crowds came out in flocks to see some of the top ladies players in the world show their skills off on the picture perfect polo grounds. Carloline Arnier from France (2 goal), Maria Laura Gimenez from Argentina (2 Goal) and Abbey Riggs from USA (2 Goals) were just a few of the famous names of ladies polo. A full 4 course meal was served up in the marquee by L'Ecrivain, for those lucky 300 who managed to get tickets for the days events, everyone else had to make do with the burgers and sausages sold at the 'Paleque Bar'. Champagne was flowing and the models strutted their stuff amongst the hundreds of people showing of their beautiful clothes by designer Deborah Veale. On Saturday due to rain the matched were played in Polo Wicklow's Arena, but the God's shone down on us on Sunday while the Ladies showed of their talent on the Polo field. Lamorlaye took the cup home after a 2 year struggle to make it back up to the top. Best Playing Polo went to Brian Lynam's Irish Throurughbred 'Ohia' played by Lamoralye's Carloline Arnier. Best Up and Coming Player Award went to April Kent of The Bubble Gum Club.



Joe O'Connell and Friends

The Beautiful Setting



Polo Wicklow hosted their 2nd 0-4 Goal Tournament last weekend, in the blistering summer sun. With 8 teams entered it meant that the entries were full, and 3 teams had to be turned down, making it a record turnout at Ballyhenry. Teams came from all over the country to battle it out over the 4 days on the picture perfect grounds, for the International 0-4 Goal Trophy. Peppard Motors and Casa Pepe held the main sponsorship once again, this year Peppard Motors won the 2nd subsidiary Final captained by Robert Patton. The winning team El Niтo, captained by Paul Monahan who only started riding 3 years ago, beat Lamorlaye in the semi finals to make it through to beat Dunmore in the Final. It was a nail biting game which could have gone either way. Each game displayed better polo than the last and the crowd of 100 people on Sunday were left on the edge of their seats (okay we didn't have seats, but the edge of their cars!!) with excitement, after the game, all the players had a chance to cool down in the heated outdoor swimming pool at Ballyhenry.



The Glamour...

And the polo...



El Milagros Irlandes (The Irish Miracle) was born with her still born sister on 6th July, and 2 days later we found another still born foal in the stable. Milagros was born 1 month early and the mare had no milk to feed her, but after a lot of TLC from Wendy Herbst and hand feeding every 2 hours, the foal make a full recovery and is now running around the field like a trooper! The mare is now producing milk and both are well.




Friends and Family tournament a huge success

Last weekend, Polo Wicklow had their first day out on grass. With the sun shining like it's never shone before and the fields untouched since last season, it was guaranteed to be a fantastic weekend. 7 Teams entered, made up of father and sons, mothers and daughters, and closest friends, whom under normal circumstances cannot play together. The winning team was joint captained by Claudia and John Roche, joined by Naomi Shairp, her partner Raffael Ladesma and fellow friend Dermot Hannify, took home the 'Monkey on Horseback Trophy'.



Siobhan Herbst on La Liebre

The boys enjoying the Irish sun!!


Polo Wicklow was host to it's highest ever handicap polo last weekend. With 6 Argentine Professionals (all with 2 or 3 goal grass handicaps) and 3 of Ireland's Top arena players taking to the field, the crowds were amazed with the skill and talent in the arena. All the teams had 2 professionals and one patron, making it a very fast moving game. It was a real eye opener for those who were playing as every shot was accurate, every turn was high speed, not a goal was missed and not a foul was made (okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but it's all for effect!!).



Nectar Pizzaro and Julio Medrano

Julio Medrano attempts to get the ball from Alejo Tagle

End of season tournament has record turnout

This year we had a record 8 teams for our End of Season ( National Arena Championships). Teams came from Laois, Cork, Northern Ireland and Wexford as well as our own club members. 2 special prizes were given with thanks to Tommy O' Hanlon of Herbal Wise. The prizes were, Alpine Arnica, for the best faller, Paul Monahan, who unfortunately broke his wrist in 2 places, but returned on the Sunday to cheer his team on to win the Subsidiary final. Also Jim McCartan received a bottle of 'Easy mover' for scoring the best goal of the tournament even if it was for the opposite team!! A party was held on Saturday with lots of drink drunk and lots of dances danced into the early hours of the morning. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who came from far and of course all of those who were working hard in the background to make the weekend as great as possible. Full Report..

New arrival to polo wicklow - sofia de angelis

A big congratulations to Julie DeAngelis who just gave birth to a baby girl, Sophia, on 16th March making her the youngest foreign member of Polo Wicklow. Sophia arrived one month early, the day day before her father Jimmy DeAngelis was to head off Virginia with the Yale Polo Team. Jimmy was only over here in Ireland 2 weeks ago playing for his country. Both mother and baby are well.


10th - 12th March Yale, USA V Ireland

Polo Wicklow Hosted the Yale, USA team for the 12th time. Eileen Flint returned once again with Liz Brayboy and Jim De Angelis. Due to a bad fall last year Eileen was unable to play so 21 year old Yale student, Sasha Noragrade, took her place. On Friday (a match which we don't want to talk about - if anybody asks it never took place!!!) Siobhan Herbst, Brian Lynam and Michael Herbst got very badly beaten by the foreign team by goals. This was record in Wicklow, never has an Irish team been beaten by so many goals, they have won by this and more but never beaten. On Saturday the new record was quickly beaten, when Robert Patton, Rosalinda Devereux and Sean Reynolds got beaten by 11 goals!!!! So Polo Wicklow had to do something to stop this terrible loosing streak. Unfortunately Brian Moore was unable to play due to sickness so Siobhan Herbst was called upon to join Carlos Caminito and Ronan Murphy. Thankfully a bit of sanity came back to the club and they beat the Yale team 15 - 10. Full Report...

On Friday Polo Wicklow had a Salsa Dancing night. Maria came with her music and dancing shoes to see if she could get the polo players to dance, in truthfulness it was a bit like the UK TV show 'Faking IT'. The night was a huge success and the salsa clubs should be watching out for the group of multi talented polo players strutting their stuff!!!



Derville Hoey and Sean Reynolds hit the Salsa floor

Eileen seemed to get Salsa and Egyptian walk mixed up

in memory of a great man

Michael Lyons passed away on his 80th birthday last Tuesday 28th February.

Michael Lyons was a great friend and also the architect who also designed the Polo Club house as we enjoy it today. He was a great supporter of Polo Wicklow and was made honorary member in 2004. He also was the longest life member of A.I.P.C as well as a great supporter of the club. He was a great artist in his profession working for Caltex after his studies he designed most of the first modern petrol stations in Republic of Ireland and he designed many other building with a very modern and practical outlook which he had learned from his American Schoolmasters.
His love for Irish music and his own great talent could be heard in his later years in Donohue's pub weekly and often he brought his fiddle to a party and shared his talents with those who wanted to hear him. Polo played a very important part in his life. He was well known in Dublin to gallop every Saturday and Sunday and often on a Wednesday with his horses from Leeson Street where he had his stables behind the house to the Phoenix Park pass the Stephen's green to Christ church to join the match at 3 p.m in the Park. He played polo for Ireland on one of our Polo trips to Kenya. His unique style and very individual quite and intellectual behaviour made him always a very interesting and caring special person.
After he retired from Polo in his early 70 years he still was most weekends up in the park with his pink tulip in his jacket watching the weekly matches. Our thoughts are with his family and friends during this time.

Below is a picture of Michael as we all remember him on his horse.


3rd - 5th February 2006

Ireland V Barcelona, Spain

Polo Wicklow played host to their annual Spain v Ireland arena polo match for the H.C.S. Cup, President Micky Herbst assumed the role of third man for the Spanish team due to a last minute injury to one of their players. From the Barcelona Polo Club, he joined Stefan Spengler and Jorg Becker for all three matches, the first taking place on Friday evening. Up against Siobhan Herbst, Sean Reynolds and John Roche this match was fast and furious, the first chukka was dominated by the Spanish but once the Irish settled they were in total control. Final score of 17 to Ireland, 12 to the visitors.

Representing Polo Wicklow for the Saturday match was the Swiss Ambassador, Joseph Doswald, Ronan Murphy and Rafael Ledesma. Initially Ledesma made all the running but the collective experience of the Spanish team held the Irish at bay, in an exceptionally good humoured exhibition of team polo from both sides the Irish maintained their lead throughout to win by 12 goals to 8.

Sunday's match of Rosalinda Devereux, Rafael Ledesma, Claudia Roche and Naomi Shairp was free flowing but the goals were difficult to come by, a perceptible tiring by the Barcelona team let the Irish take advantage in the last chukka, final score 12 to 8.

The Cup was presented to Sean Reynolds, captain of Friday's match, as the team with the highest goal difference. Full Report.



Jorge Becke on La Liebre

Rosalinda Devereux takes on Joege Becke

7th - 9th October 2005

Ireland V Holland

3 Irish teams took part in the cup against Holland last weekend. Friday's Team Captained by siobhan Herbst and accompanied by Terri Campbell and Leighann Fischer beat Holland by 2 goals. Saturday's Team captained by Sean Reynolds, accompanied by new comer Ronan Murphy and Mehran Mirhamadi lost by 1 goal. On Sunday the strongest team came out, Captained by Northerner Robert Patton and accompanied by Wexford Vet Rosalinda Devereux and Polo Wicklow's own Michael Herbst. With Robert just back from the Dead Sea he was well relaxed and helped the team to a 4 goal victory, taking the Cup home. The Holland team consisted of honorary Dutch man Andy Burgess, Kiki Quarles Van Ufford and Erwin Van Zeelt. Full Report.



(L to R) Andy, Rosalinda, Robert, Erwin

Robert Patton riding off Andy Burgess

25th September 2005:

Start of winter Season tournament 2005/06

Sponsored by Herbal Wise and Equestrian Direct

We saw 2 of our new members fighting it out in their first tournament. Congratulations to Brian Moore and Ronan Murphy, also to two of out longer members who played together for the first time, husband and wife, John and Claudia Roche.


(L to R) Alejo Tagle, Rosalinda Devereuax, John Roche and Brian Moore

17th July 2005:

Polo wicklow's first international 0-4 goal

Sponsored by Casa Pepe restaurant and Peppard motors of Wicklow


Siobhan Herbst on the ball, Creighton Boyd riding off.

A huge thanks to our 2 main sponsors of the event: Casa Pepe Restaurant, Wicklow town and Peppard Motors of Wicklow.

Neptune Polo Team beat Casa Pepe in the final, taking home the Trophy, and also picking up the best playing pony. An argentine mare played by Creighton 'Beefcake' Boyd.

August 2004


Dario - one of the Top Playing horses from Polo Wicklow

2003 - 2004

Germany, Spain, France, USA Yale and USA Newport were some of the invited teams for the international tournaments during the Winter Season.

See all reports in the weekly report section.

In April Siobhan Herbst the manageress of Polo Wicklow had the first Polo Wicklow Horse Sales organised which allowed players from all over the world to come and try some of our best Irish Polo Ponies all trained and reared in Wicklow.


12 May Polo Wicklow was there and we are the first to break the news!

Two of our long standing Polo Wicklow supporters Aidan Keating and Mary Finan decided to make it legal and married secretly in Castletown village near Gorey Co.Wicklow. The priest was flown in from Nigeria! All our best wishes go with them.

3 April The dates are fixed for the Irish annual International Ladies Tournament in Dublin Phoenix Park hosted by the All Ireland Polo Club and Polo Wicklow.

The time has come for us to plan our annual take over of the All Ireland Polo Club by the ladies. I have been allocated the week end of August 16th 17th and 18th for the Ladies Polo Tournament and this year we have lots of time to prepare.


Firstly I would like to know as soon as possible if you would like to take part. As things stand at the moment all arrangements would be similar to last year, but there will be an increase in the entry fee to Ђ100, which in the case of the players also covers the lunch. I am expecting at least two teams from abroad which will give our tournament an International flavour this year.

Some players might like to put together their own teams which this year should be -2 to 2, I would welcome any comments in this regard.

Players would be expected to wear their sponsor's shirts. As last year, individual players entering would be designated teams as evenly handicapped as possible. There will be a few horses available for hire but priority will be given to players from abroad. Assistance with livery and hotels is available if booked in time. More Polo in other Irish Polo clubs can be provided for International teams who would like to extend their visit.

In the event of six or more teams being entered the matches will be spread over three days and maybe in alternative grass venues with the Finals being played in the Phoenix Park. Polo will be guaranteed, so if rain prevents play on grass, the affected matches will be transferred to Polo Wickow's arena.

Sponsorship would be most welcome and would help towards the hiring of horses etc for players from abroad, so if you know anyone who might be interested do please approach them. All proceeds will be going to the Bubblegum Club as before.

Please let me know if you if you are interested as soon as possible so that I have an idea of how many teams there will be. If you telephone me and have to leave a message would you also leave your telephone number, so that I can return the call.

Please contact for more details wendy@polo.ie or Wendy Herbst 00 353 404 67164 or Siobhan Herbst 00 353 87 286 9691

22 March St Patrick's day Tournament

Lining up with Keegan was Martine Iturraspe and his cousin Juan Iturraspe, lining up with Micky Herbst were Siobhan Herbst and Hugo Iturraspe. From the first throw in the gloves were off, Keegan peeled out of the line for the first touch of the ball, back up from Martine gave him enough space to head for goal but a surge of power from Hugo intercepted the final shot and the ball screamed towards the East gaol. The ever quickening game changed direction constantly, the boards were hammered to create new lines which were taken at full speed. Tight marking , heavy riding off and some amazing bad luck at the goal mouth of both ends, kept the final goal tally to 8 for Longfield and 9 for Wicklow with the second match to play the next day.


The Pony of the match: Petra (Irish born, 8 year old, mare reared and trained by Polo Wicklow)

St. Patricks Day provided rain, sleet and wind for the Final match but arena polo players are never deterred by the elements. Well wrapped up the horses waited for their turn in the arena and in driving rain the two unchanged teams lined up. First touch to Siobhan who wheeled away and sliced a backhand up to Hugo, under huge pressure he angled his shot to a free Herbst senior, and the Wicklow team was two ahead. As the game developed the pace increased, this was not a match for the faint hearted as Martine gathered impossible shots from the air and Hugo swept up every ball and made it count.

Attack and counter attack as the game switched from East to West and back, the few who braved the balcony watched sibling rivalry produce some spectacular infringement free team polo.

Wicklow had one goal in hand as the match entered the final chukka. Power shots and deft touches ensured non stop action, two Wicklow goals from behind the fifty yard line and two stunning goals for Longfield, from the flying cousins kept up the tension. In a front of goal melee the ball was kicked by a pony and into the Wicklow goal making an even score line with 30 seconds left on the clock. A fast hit in from Keegan up to Martine who was at full throttle, hammered by brother Hugo the ball lost direction but was pounced on by a following Juan, a connecting shot up to Martine who passed the goal at a forty five degree angle to the ground and with an under the tail shot won Longfield the Cup.


29 November Polo match Germany Ireland

Germany - Ireland International Xmas tree cup

14th December 15th December 16th December 2001

Wofgang Kailing 1 President of the Niedersaechsige Polo Club will Captain the German Team with Sven Schneider 2 and Peter Kienast 1 will play at Polo Wicklow Friday Saturday and Sunday for the International Xmas Tree cup. The final will be played Sunday the 16th December at 3 p.m.

The total Arena Handicap of the team is 9 Goal.

The Polo Wicklow Team will be selected closer to the dates.

Bookings for the "Argentine Turkey Barbeque" direct to Wendy at 0404 67164 or 086 2552 138. or polo@polo.ie

28 October France - Ireland Bank of Ireland Cup




16 Juny Polo Wicklow getting ready for Newport R.I.

For the International Polo Series Polo Wicklow has been invited to send a team to challenge the Newport team. The dates are the weekend 21st/22nd July 2001. The team will be captained again by Micky Herbst with David Stone and Brien Mullins and the fourth player still to be selected. The challenge will be for the perpetual USA-Ireland cup which is held at the moment by Polo Wicklow.


19 December New polo design

19 December Wicklow with a narrow win against the Boston team from Newport RI

The team of American polo players from the Newport Polo Club, representing Boston arrived last weekend to compete for the eighth time for the Bank of Ireland's Perpetual Cup at Polo Wicklow.

As some of the regular Polo Wicklow players were out of action, responsibility fell onto the shoulders of the less experienced to hold off a very strong challenge. Jim Zynsky, 1, here for the second time as team captain, Jackie Shore 1, representing the ladies and Jonathon Kaye 3, the big hitter, faced Mehran Mihramadi 0 playing in his first International match, Siobhan Herbst 1 and old timer Micky Herbst 2, for Friday's match. Handicaps agreed, four goals to the Irish team, umpire Mariano Flores threw in the ball and these very experienced arena players availed of every opportunity to head for goal, reducing the Irish advantage down to two goals by the end of the first chukka. Rallying the Irish began to make a comeback, good support play by Herbst senior to Mihramadi who was sticking like glue to Kaye whilst Siobhan Herbst attempted to free herself to score. Up against a team playing a strong team game and using the boards constantly to by pass and reposition the attack the Irish were eventually overcome with the American team winning by 2 goals.

Saturday's Irish team was captained by Brian Lynam 1, with Neville Keegan 0 and James Sheeran 2, in support. Once again 4 goals on handicap to the Irish, Mariano Flores in the umpires role and the American team unchanged. A very different game unfolded, the Irish began to torment the American set play and win the ball, Keegan found that despite not having fast horses he could be in the right place at the right time and defend attack after attack on the Irish goal. Sheeran and Lynam combined kept the scoreline open until the last chukka. A brilliant under the belly shot by Lynam into the goal appeared to be the decisive shot but the Americans charged back in the dying seconds in the shape of hit man Jonathon Kaye and two goals between the posts gave victory to the American team by 1 goal.

For only the second time in eight years it looked like the visitors would sweep to total victory as Sunday's team lined up. Representing Ireland was Siobhan Herbst 1, a not entirely well Brian Lynam 1,and Neville Keegan 0, this team receiving 6 goals on handicap. After the National anthems and the introductions of the players to the spectators umpire Brian Mullins threw in the ball. The American team proceeded to dance around the Irish and by the end of the first chukka had reduced the home team's handicap advantage down to zero in in a stuning exhibition of team play. Some shape entered the Irish game during the second chukka and a shot retrieved from the boards by Keegan and sent with a backhand to Siobhan began the revival, two touches of the ball and the first Irish goal was scored. Jackie Shore retaliated with a fine near side goal from the centre line countered by a Keegan goal but even the commentator Lar Sheeran was looking for miracles as the power and aggression of the visiting team seemed insurmountable. Starting the fourth chukka the Americans were three goals up, Lynam was a shade less pale and a serious team talk during the change of horses had taken place. Mullins threw in the ball and Siobhan broke from the line up on Tamara and like a rocket headed for goal whilst the rest never even stirred, one goal back and a new throw in which was claimed by Lynam, a backhand flip to the waiting Siobhan and another goal was clocked up, suddenly the Irish players had the game by the throat, trying to close down the Polo Wicklow players the Americans rode off hard, hooked and hassled but to no avail, a stylish Zynsky score put the goal difference back to two. Picking up a shot in front of the Irish goal Siobhan was untouchable as she covered the full length of the arena to score a quality individual goal, another from the mallet of Lynam and the scores were even. Two more Herbst goals sealed the visitors fate as victory for the Irish during Sunday's feature match, was snatched from the jaws of defeat. Player of the tournament went to Siobhan Herbst, best playing pony was Tamara, the eight year old mare who had played in all three matches of the tournament.

For the second match on Sunday the Argentinian professional players, Mariano Flores, Nicholas Maciel and Fernando Mirando teamed up with Micky Herbst, Mehran Mihramadi and Brian Mullins to make two ten goal teams. Some spectacular polo was played at a blistering pace with Micky Herbst's team just claiming the win by one goal.

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