Full livery per week €110
Grass livery per week €30
Groom charge per horse on day of play €5
DIY livery including food and bedding €50
Schooling/Young horse livery per week €200

Payment Terms

Livery is payable on a monthly basis, first month must be paid in advance. Bills that exceed 1 month will incur a penalty of 5%. You will be sent an invoice and a statement of your account at the end of each month. Farrier charges and agreed feed supplements will be invoiced at cost. Unpaid bills that exceed 1 month will incur a penalty of 5%. Prompt payment is appreciated, remember, we do not leave your horse waiting for his food or rug either.

Horse Care

All horses are stabled in 3 x 4 m boxes with in an airy American barn. All care is taken that horses are stabled beside compatible companions and a calm atmosphere is maintained in the stables at all times, including feed times.

We feed our own Polo mix. Other feeds can be ordered by arrangement and will be charged at cost. We have our own quality haylage which the horses have adlib.

Tack room

A lockable tack room for all livery clients is provided. Although we will do our best to make sure all tack is secure, please note that all tack and equipment is stored there entirely at the owner's risk.

Turn out

Well-fenced paddocks with ample grass are available for turn out, depending on the time of year. If grass is in short supply haylage will be fed in the field. Groups of horses will never be mixed without owner's consent.

All horses go out, weather permitting, on a Sunday night after feeding and come back in early Tuesday morning

During summer months horse will live out at night and be in during the day for work.

Horses will not be turned out for 48 hours after worming to reduce worm infestation in paddocks as much as possible.


All Polo ponies get exercised in set work daily during the winter months and twice daily during summer months. Horses in schooling livery get ridden daily by our professional Argentine grooms.

Veterinary & Farrier

At Polo Wicklow we use Veterinary surgeons Sue O'Doherty and Geoff Walsh of Fairlands Equine Clinic, Kilcandra, Glenealy, Co.Wicklow.

Please let us know in writing at time of arrival if you require your horse to be attended by another vet. In case of emergency we reserve the right to call one of the 3 above local vets.  All veterinary treatment will be invoiced to you separately.

Our Farrier is Johnny Hagen, Wicklow

We keep a check list of all horses and your horse will be attended to regularly. Please let us know any special shoeing requirements in writing at time of arrival.

New set of normal shoes €60

Set of removes €50

Treatment of lameness if required will be charged accordingly.

All shoeing is charged at cost and will be added to your livery bill.


We provide a clipping service at the following rates:

Full or trace clip: first clip €60, subsequent clips €50

While every care will be taken during clipping, should it become necessary to sedate your horse for reasons of safety this will only be done under the supervision of a qualified veterinary surgeon. Please note that sedation will be carried out at owner's risk and will be charged separately.

You are expected to provide your own rug, cooler etc for your horse. We will lend you a blanket should yours get torn, however if our blankets are used in excess of 2 weeks we have to levy a hire charge of €10 per week.

Riding Out

Hacking on Polo Wicklow land involves little roadwork on a quiet back road. Our staff will accompany you on ride outs by prior arrangement if you wish. We request that you notify one of us before you go out, let us know your proposed route and approximate time of return. We request that you adhere to the bridle paths and do not under any circumstances ride through the corn fields. All gates must be left as you found them. For your own safety we recommend that you carry a mobile phone when out hacking in the unlikely event that you may need to summon help. Unless your horse is used to mobiles phones please ensure it is set on Silent Mode!

Use of arenas

Schooling arena (15mX25m) is available all the time. The Polo arena (100mX50m) may be used when there is no polo or lessons going on. Stick and Balling is available providing the arena is free, pre - booking required. Polo balls must be returned to the yard after use and not left in the Arena or they will be charged to your bill.

Show jumps are available for use. They are left up by the schooling arena. If you build a fence or course of fences it is your responsibility to put them away in the order in which you found them. At no time must the track be obstructed if other riders are using the arena at the same time.


Visiting instructors are welcome at Polo Wicklow. However you must pre-book the arena.

Car Park & Security

The car park is provided for your convenience. Horse boxes may be parked free of charge and must be parked in the box park provided. All vehicles including unhitched trailers are left there entirely at their owner's risk. Please leave key for clamps and locks with the staff as it may be necessary to move trailers to accommodate parking for major events.

Keeping in contact

Should an unforeseen event arise we will do our best to contact you. Please ensure that you provide your home telephone number, daytime contact number and mobile number if applicable at time of arrival. If we are unable to make contact we will do our best for your horse under the circumstances.

Contact Siobhan on 0404 67164 or 087 286 96 91

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