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catwomanandicequeen mickey
If you stare long enough she'll turn you to ice. The cat woman was clever to stay by her side! Sister's Derville and Elaine If you walk 10 meters behind they won't know he's with you!! Some call him Mickey Herbst, others deny any acquaintance of him at all.
hallowgroup whoswho
Group Photo at Halloween 2006 The Who's Who of Polo Wicklow, it's up to you to guess who's who!!
dervwater geishaandscooby
As Derville tried to stay dry, we all laughed as we knew that only 1 foot on there was a 2 foot drop! Scooby-Doo peeing on a Geisha, what is the world coming to. Ronnie Murphy setting out his territory!
luchoandpippy ronniedressinggown
Pippy Long Stocking and Lcuho In fairness to Ronnie he was told that the gown had magic powers - what they didn't tell him was that it made you shrink!
rocky lucieandthepoodleandrea
It wasn't me!!! Rocky, our home bred sheep dog. Lucie and the Poodle, Andrea
sandragiles imgreatcarloscaminito
Don't mess with the Umpire !!! Sandra Giles on Malteser I'm Great!! Carlos Caminito
Joe O'Connell bombsaway
Always likes to keep and eye on things! God - no Sorry Joe O'Connell Bombs Away!! Carlitos Courel
oscar polowicklow1
Oscar The "Referee for Polo Wicklow"
(a "nasty" job description made by some losing players)
Our Snow Polo day before the match
mary movinghorses
Need another drink, mary? Moving Horses!!!
picnicatjoes polowicklowsinternationalpoloteam
Picnic time at Ballyhenry! Michael Herbst, Davo Stone, David Stone and Siobhan Herbst take on Newport, RI, USA
peruteam polowicklow7sml
Peru team playing Polo Wicklow Wendy Herbst and Dr.Klaus Riccius
from Berlin checking the results of the day
brianwineandliss gerbsandsandy
Brian Moore makes sure no one goes short of wine on New Year!! Derville Hoey and Sandra Giles give modelling a go!!!
girlsarebackintown proproandfamily
The Girls are back in town - Sandra, Derville, Bena, Siobhan and Melisssa Prospro Colonna di Stigliano and his two daughters Lucrezia and Vittoria
josefdoswald theboysarebackintown
Swiss Ambasador, Josef Doswald plays his first International against Scotland. The Boys are back in Town
chukka topdognoffie
Time for a Splash! Chukka enjoys her day off! Top Dog, Noffie!!
jimandsiobhan jamessheeran
We are the Champions, Jim and Siobhan. What a Vet!! James Sheeran
whitechristmasfortheargentines smile
White Christmas 2005!! Brrrrrrrr Smile!!!
letmechewyourear juliethempker
Can I bend you ear? Major Hugh Dawnay and Catriona Arnott Juliet Hempker laughs in the face of victory after winning her first game
juanandmate benahunting
Juan Riente - even with his hands full he doesn't leave his maté behind! Bena Rafferty gets ready for the annual hunt leaving from Polo Wicklow
clubs joeandmarie
"The Crowds" at one of Polo Wicklow's Internationals 'Do the Hippy Shake' Marie and Joe O'Connell, owners of Polo Wicklow's summer grounds.
majorandmarianes ronnieanddanielle
Major Hugh Dawnay and his wife Marie-Anez  join in in Polo Wicklow's Halloween Party Witch Danielle Moore shows the red legs to a very surprised Dr.Ronnie Murphy
sandraandmario pig
Sandra Giles doesn't seem to be at all worried about Dracula 'Mario' Giles have a chew on her neck 'Horse' the pig - only at Polo Wicklow!!
diego terri
How do you eat yours?! Diego Victorel


Terri Campbell of Newport, Rhode Island with the poodle, Andrea


grouppic learningthesalsa
Group Shot!!! Learning the Salsa, Evrard, Claudia and Domonique
noffonjoesbag ronnieandshirt
Joe O'Connell's smelly socks have more than one use!! Ronan Murphy shows off his feminine side by choosing the tightest shirt on the table!!
sandrascake siohannahkanga
Sandra Giles cuts here birthday cake with a steak chopper!! Siobhan Herbst and Hannah Butcher of Polo Wicklow's International Ladies Polo Team get in touch with nature on their trip to Australia.
mehranmihramadishowsoffhisgreatskill mickeytriestorememberhisteammatesnames!checkouthisboots
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