Polo Lessons

When spectators at Polo Wicklow say to us "That match was one of the most exciting sporting displays I have ever seen I wish I could do that!" Our answer is 'come for a polo lesson this week'.

Newcomers are frequently surprised to hear that most players at Polo Wicklow started on a similar footing, with minimal riding experience, and the preconception that polo is way beyond the social, physical and financial aspirations of normal people. In fact, polo is not the sole domain of royalty and the super-rich, and our members have one thing in common one polo lesson hooked them on the game.

woodenhorsetrainingThe first step for new players at Polo Wicklow is joining our polo school, by investing in a lesson or a week's course. Lessons are €70 an hour and the courses start at €250 a day (see Polo Wicklow Experience). In the course of your first one-hour polo lesson, you will be trained in the basic hitting techniques on the wooden horse. The lesson then moves outside to the arena, which provides a secure environment for your first instruction in riding a polo pony. School ponies will teach you almost as much as Polo Wicklow's coaches.

These horses are experienced and quiet, but anyone used to riding hacks or riding school horses will be immediately impressed by their responsiveness. For the final portion of the lesson, we invite you to combine the two techniques and stick and ball, which is to say, practising hitting on the real horse. If you choose a group lesson with friends, more than one instructor will be provided, to ensure the highest level of supervision and maximum attention. This can have the added bonus that two instructors plus two new players can spend the last five minutes of the lesson playing polo for the first time.

joeandcarlosThe aim of our polo school is not to train professional players within the space of a month, but to allow you to judge whether or not this is the sport for you. If it is, new players at Polo Wicklow find they can easily take the next step after lessons, and join in club chukkas and games. Our resident professional players will be playing with you during your first games, regardless of what side they may be on, and are there to instruct and impart tactics. Because many of our members also learned to play at Polo Wicklow, they are keen to encourage newcomers.

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