Polo Wicklow Experience

Polo Wicklow course per day without accommodation €300
Polo Wicklow course per day with accommodation €350
"The Real Argentina" Polo Course per day - all inclusive €250
"The Real Argentina" without polo €100

Polo Wicklow Course "The Real Argentina"

Polo Wicklow Courses

glendaloughwicklow-mountainsAll Polo Wicklow courses include your polo and meals. Courses can be tailored to suit you and structured around your experience. As Polo Wicklow is located in the Garden of Ireland you also will have the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful sites in the country, such as Glendalough and the Wicklow mountains.

Courses would generally be a lesson in the morning, lunch then a ride out across the Irish countryside followed by chukkas in the afternoon.



"The Real Argentina"

tomaThis is an experience of a lifetime, we have the only course in which you will be able to experience the "real" Argentine way of living. You will have a chance to stay in our Estancia in Santa Fe (400km from Buenos Aires), live with an Argentine family and play polo all day. Eating the famous 'asado' they all talk about, drink maté and play polo, what more could you ask for.

argentina-mateWhen available you will also get a chance to go to a "jineteada" an Argentine Rodeo. Santa Fé has 3 of the top riders in the whole of Argentina. Miguel Ordina (pictured left) has won 'Jesus Maria' , the biggest competition in Argentina, 5 times. These competitions also have some fantastic stands where you will be able to buy souvenirs of your trip.

A trip to Buenos Aires can be organised to do a bit of sight seeing and when possible to watch the world famous "Abierto" where you will see all the top polo players battling it out in 40 goal polo.

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